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Photo : Alistair Girardot

Alès Film Festival – Itinérances

Combining fiction, documentaries and animation, heritage and discovery films; developing young creativity by showcasing films which won’t undergo mainstream release; convening large-scale inter-generational and diverse-origin audiences; consolidating a young people’s viewing program with actions to train in visual images: these are just a few of the founding aims of the Alès Film Festival – Itinérances since its inception in 1983.

This annual event, a popular springtime highlight with general-interest programming, is organized by the Festival Cinéma d’Alès association, a public interest group. Besides organizing this, the association oversees several other activities throughout the year for teaching and training about images, managing and coordinating the structures of École et Cinéma (School & Cinema) in the Gard region and Lycéens et Apprentis au Cinéma (High School Students and apprentices at the Movies) in and around Montpellier. In addition, it has strong cultural partnerships established with cinema-audiovisual high school sections in Alès and Bagnols-sur-Cèze. There are also theme-based screenings, workshops and cultural manifestations organized conjointly with the cultural, social and tourism partners of the greater region. In summer, outdoor and indoor screenings are held within the Summer Film Festival.

Alès Film Festival

Pôle Culturel et Scientifique
155, faubourg de Rochebelle
30100 Alès

tél : 04 66 30 24 26
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Siret : 34498799500034
APE : 5914Z

Board of Directors

Julien Camy, president
Chantal Pichon, vice presidente
Corine Notelteers, treasurer
Catherine Augé, deputy treasurer
Simon Rossini-Bourgade, secretary
Yves Defago,  assistant secretary
Elsa Clément, volunteer referent
Nathalie Dominique
Malik Kherdouche

Chien de la casse by Jean-Baptiste Durand

The Festival offers each year:

Unreleased Films, Preview Screenings, Re-Releases

A large international spectrum of premiering or never-released feature films as well as re-releases is presented throughout the Festival.

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Masterclass with Michel Hazanavicius

Photo : Julie Jourdan

Tributes and “cartes blanches” with special guests on hand

The Festival pays tribute to the talent of artists from different generations and horizons. In 2023 this included: Pierre Salvadori, Michel Hazanavicius, Delphine Schmit, Massoumeh Lahidji, Jimmy Laporal-Trésor.
And Also: July Jung, Cécilia Rouaud, Chad Chenouga, Emmanuel Graff, Eve Duchemin, Guillaume Bureau, Héloïse Janjaud,
Jean-Baptiste Durand, Lea Fehner, Martin Jauvat, Alain Cavalien, Rachid El Ouali, Raphael Quenard, Thierry Binisti, Virginie Sauveur, Yazid Tizi…

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Pierre Salvadori – Itinérances Price 2023

Photo : Nicolas Evesque

      Itinérances Price

Initiated for the 40th Festival in 2022, the Itinérances Price is the symbol of popular and demanding cinema, free and committed to our world. It celebrates the filmmakers we love, the artists who matter, and affirms the cinema (in theaters) that we have been defending for 40 years, a place of life, sharing and exchange.

Itinérances Price 2023 : Pierre Salvadori
Itinérances Prices 2022 : Tony Gatlif

Millennium Mambo by Hou Hsiao-hsien

Thematic retrospective

The theme of “Itinérances” (wanderings) is present each year throughout the various thematic retrospectives in the form of fiction, documentary or heritage films, as well as through guest encounters, filmconcerts and allnighter events. These retrospectives provide the perfect opportunity to have cinema rub shoulders with other art forms, such as concerts and exhibitions, live entertainment and encounters…

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Award ceremony 2023

Photo : Julie Jourdan

The french-language short film competition

The french-language short film contest is dedicated to emerging talents and has become one of the highlights of the Festival. Over 900 films are submitted every year, with about 10 of them short-listed to be screened to a large audience and jurys.

>>> Competition 2023 – French Page

La Dernière Reine by D. Ounouri & A. Bendimerad

Travel the mediterranean from your seat

For 25 years, the « La Méditerranée » collective has helped with Festival programming by selecting about fifteen films, music projects which depict various cultures from the Mediterranean rim. The social integration associations which are part of this collective encourage their beneficiaries to attend the Festival, to share and meet together around the various screenings, concerts and exhibitions.

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Pompoko by Isao Takahata

Young audiences

Cinema is more than just entertainment, it’s also a way to approach things from a different angle. The Festival has a unique young audiences program for young fans to provide a way to educate viewpoints, converting simple spectators into wellinformed experts. This includes: a targeted program of 30 films, the Écrits sur l’Image film review contest, special in-residence classes for students from all over France, guest encounters, Toute la Ville en Parle (a daily newsletter by high school students), severals workshops, filmconcerts, exhibitions and so much more.

>>> Selection 2023 – French Page

Quand tu seras grand by A. Bescond & É. Metayer

Special screening for people with sensorial handicaps

For 16 years, the Festival has organized specific screenings for attendees who are hearing-impaired, deaf, blind or partially-sighted.

Cinémix de Twinselecter
Insomnies by Michael Walker

Photo : Patrice Terraz


One of the aims of the Festival is to link cinema to other art forms. With this in mind, the Festival hosts a cornucopia of events, such as concerts, filmconcerts, encounters, virtual reality sessions, exhibitions, master classes and autograph sessions.
Films, audiences and talents are easily able to come together during the Festival, to accompany the films and encourage exchange with spectators. Cinema professionals are welcomed throughout the Festival and a number of special events are reserved for them.

Photo : Tom Roussel

The Alès Films Festival and its activities are run by the Festival Cinéma d’Alès association.

The association enjoys the support of many partners and sponsors.

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With nearly 80 members, this non-profit organization relies on the help of volunteers all year round. The association has been granted the status of “entity of general public interest”.

Le Festival Cinéma d’Alès – Itinérances

Pôle Culturel et Scientifique
155, faubourg de Rochebelle
30100 Alès

tél : 04 66 30 24 26
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Siret : 34498799500034
APE : 5914Z

Conseil d’administration

Julien Camy, président
Chantal Pichon, vice présidente
Corine Notelteers, trésorière
Catherine Augé, trésorière adjointe
Simon Rossini-Bourgade, secrétaire
Yves Defago, secrétaire adjoint
Elsa Clément, référente bénévole
Nathalie Dominique
Malik Kherdouche